Ron Hicks in the studio

Rose has over 25-years experience in all aspects of the art industry, so partnering with her and being able to benefit from her expertise is a total win. After a few meetings, we honed-in on the message I wanted to convey and what I wanted to achieve with my website, as well as how it directly relates to my body of work. I can’t tell you how please I am with the results., The improvements directly reflect my vision!

Since finishing my website, I’ve had countless conversations with artists, curators and collectors regarding the content and the feedback has been incredibly positive. I highly recommend Rose and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would’ve done without her artistic eye and expertise.


Curator, writer, and strategist for artists and non-profits, Rose Fredrick has spent the last three decades producing exhibitions that have not only raised considerable funds for scholarships and education, but have also launched artists’ careers. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications and her essays and interviews have been used in workshops, college courses, and museum exhibitions. She has won the National Endowment for the Arts grant, Rock West Curator of the Year, Denver’s The Big Read, Best Multicultural Book from the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards, and was a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards.

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