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Why Work with an Art Advisor?

My job is to…

1. Hone in on the art best speaks to your aesthetic.

2. Define your budget.

3. Find the best art within your budget.

4. Expand your knowledge and understanding of art.

5. Incorporate art into your home and life.

How I Work with Private and Corporate Collectors

We meet in your home or office, so I can learn more about you, your tastes, and aesthetic. 

Together, we determine a budget, if you don’t have one in mind.

I then start to introduce you to art and artists, at first rather broadly, until we narrow in on what really speaks to you.

Once you feel ready, we’ll start collecting.

Services and Support

When you buy art, in a sense, you become the caretaker of that work. Below are some of the many services I offer to help display, light, and protect your collection.

  • Develop collecting plan and budget
  • Introduce collectors to artists
  • Educate collectors about artists, movements in art, mediums, and how the art market works
  • Find the best examples of art
  • Plan studio, gallery, and museum visits
  • Explain how to incorporate art into your home/office
  • Collections management systems
  • Insurance documentation
  • Installation
  • Framing
  • Lighting
  • Donation and resales of art

Bringing It All Together

Art Installation is unique. I work with experts in the field who can handle the installation and display of any art object. 

Lighting is vital. I have advised many collectors on lighting and worked with designers to develop subtle, elegant solutions that allow the art to take center stage.

Framing is complex and can be expensive–especially when you have to redo bad frames. I advise on and work with master framers to get the job done. 

Redesigning spaces with art and your own objects and furniture always brings rooms to life. I love reworking spaces so that every element sings.

Deaccessioning work, a.k.a., downsizing happens. I have worked with many collectors on planning for and selling off works of art. 


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