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I am passionate about helping artists succeed. 

Over the years, through curation and advising art collectors, I have worked with hundreds of artists. 

My role has always been much more than selling art, which is vital, of course, but I have worked to find galleries for artists to help stabilize their careers, as well as get them into exhibitions and museum collections, and land editorials in magazines.

Every artist’s needs are unique at each stage of their career. Because I know the ins and outs of the art market and the things that actually work, I have been able to advance many artists’ careers.

Schedule a call with me to determine whether I can help you or not. 

Is Coaching Right for You?

I have helped people who are just starting out, but coaching works best if you have a website (see below for website solutions). Other considerations include:

  • Do you have a solid body of work and now need gallery representation or better representation?
  • Do you what to take your work and career to the next level or need to raise your prices but are unsure if your clients will follow?
  • Are you wanting to explore a new direction but worried you’ll lose representation? 
  • Have your sales stagnated?
  • Have you lost galleries/representation and want to be more in control of your future?
  • Have you tried posting work on social media but not seen much in sales to account for the hours you’ve spent?
  • Are you wanting to show your work in National Exhibitions or Museums?

Communicate Your Story in Your Voice

Part of my work with and for artists is crafting text–artist statements, bios, press releases, about pages, exhibition catalogues, and more.

Your art illuminates the world and shows us life in a new way. And yet, when it comes to talking about yourself or explaining your work, you suddenly draw a blank. Copy that reflects you is the perfect way to engage your audience without feeling like you’re a sellout.

My Specialties Include

Creating unique copy that reads like you’re talking to friends, kindred spirits.

Crafting dialogues that inspires your audience.

Helping you take control of sales through online presence.

Smoothing the transition when making a major leap in your work to bring your audience along and to find new audiences.

Creating pathways for you to gain traction in the market and find the right representation.

Developing professional proposals and marketing materials needed to approach galleries and museums.

For more information, contact me for a free consult.

Need a Website?

I recommend I am part of their affiliate program, but I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t beleive they were a terrific solution for artists. 

They are a huge online community for artists and offer templated websites at various rates per month. You can, literally, have a website up and running in 30 minutes. Check them out and if you use the link above, you get a 60-day free trial. 

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