The art of Collecting

Art collectors are passionate, thoughtful, and curious. They love searching for the right pieces, and know it’s not about matching the decor; it’s about elevating their world.

No matter the intensity of your collecting habit, my desire is to help you find objects that enrich your life and communicate your beliefs and values.

How amazing that art created by someone you may never get to meet can do all that.

I have worked with collectors, artists, and non-profit organizations for the past three decades. Over that time, I have placed thousands of works of art in collections and helped non-profits turn tepid benefit exhibitions into true fundraisers. 

Education, I believe, is the key to confidence when making purchases. This is why I create events for collectors and artists to meet, exchange ideas, and really understand one another. 

This is the heart of my work.


Curation. I have curated more than 80 shows for the PACE Center, as well as exhibitions for the DC Commission on the Arts & HumanitiesColorado Lawyers for the Arts (now Colorado Business Committee for the Arts), the Colorado Council on the Arts, (now Colorado Creative Industries), and others. I curated the Coors Show for 27 years, taking it from an obscure event to a nationally recognized exhibition that sold over $1M in art. I am most proud of launching the careers of many artists during my tenure. I have won two National Endowment for the Arts grants, one for major exhibition of Native American artists and a second for an exhibition that traveled the state of Colorado for nearly two years. 

Writing. I write for numerous publications including Fine Art Connoisseur, Southwest Art, 5280, Denver’s Mile High Magazine, and Western Art & Architecture where I have a regular column, the Collectors Notebook. I have published nine monographs on artists and have contributed essays to several books and exhibition catalogues. And I have recently assembled a team to publish Sculpture Quarterly for the National Sculpture Society.

Collections Management and Insurance Appraisals. Keeping track of a collection is vital. I have created an AirTable (free online app) to help make it oh so much easier. I work with clients to setup and maintain their collections management system, and ensure they have the proper insurance coverage by conducting regular collection evaluations for insurance. 

Deaccessioning Collections. I have worked with estates to determine the best route to sell art left after loved ones have passed. I team up with appraisers and help facilitate sales of art, as well as donations. I work with Jones InnerCable and am currently working with the family of artist Joellyn Duesberry to catalogue, rationalize, and evaluate more than 1,000works remaining after her death in 2015. Together we have sold paintings and monotypes and placed many more in museum collections across the country, ensuring her name and legacy lives on.

Interior designers and architects. I work with Tryba Architects to curate bespoke corporate and large scale residential art collections. 

Clients include

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