I recently read a draft of a book Rose had written about a prominent artist. When I finished, I felt Rose had encapsulated this risk-taking, fun-loving, hard-working, and extremely talented man so well I wanted to ask him over for dinner.

It strikes me that Rose Fredrick is a conductor, not of music, but of words. Like a conductor listening to each instrument, Rose pays such attention to her clients that she understands not only what they want to say, but how they want to say it.

While I was thinking about Rose and the verbal music she produces, I looked back at some of the work Rose has either written or shepherded through. Different subjects, different people. And yet, the same wonderful arrangement runs through all of them. The author, the artist, whomever she’s working with, they all come alive with their own clear voices. The same melody plays through in the shows Rose curates. Interested in “Western” art? The Coors Western Art Exhibit at the National Western Stock Show combines beautiful traditional pieces with exciting new ways of expressing an artist’s vision. Diverse voices blended into one song of Western art.

Rose describes herself as a writer, editor, curator, strategist, and art professional. She should have mentioned her expertise in these areas. Her years of studying art, of being part of the art world, have given her a radar—an insight— that bores directly into the subject. Read her interview with the artist Wayne Thiebaud. At the end, I knew more about Thiebaud and was more moved by his eloquence than if I had read pages of critiques on his life and work.

Lastly, on a personal note, my husband, the artist Mark Daily, has been associated with Rose for decades. After all the years and all the shows, I asked Mark to describe Rose. His gave her one of his highest compliments: “She respects high-quality art across the spectrum, and she respects the artists.” It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to have travelled together.


Curator, writer, and strategist for artists and non-profits, Rose Fredrick has spent the last three decades producing exhibitions that have not only raised considerable funds for scholarships and education, but have also launched artists’ careers. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications and her essays and interviews have been used in workshops, college courses, and museum exhibitions. She has won the National Endowment for the Arts grant, Rock West Curator of the Year, Denver’s The Big Read, Best Multicultural Book from the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards, and was a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards.

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