Witness to the times

My dear friend Ron Hicks and I were talking today about the death of George Floyd, as we have been for days, and the demonstrations and riots and calls to defund the police and it all suddenly reminded me of the poem HARLEM, by Langston Hughes (1902-1967). You may recall the first line: What happens to a dream deferred? But it’s the final line of that poem that keeps playing through my head: …does it explode?

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Ron Hicks, the Faces of Eve

Interview with Ron Hicks

June 15, 2018

In his latest body of work, “Faces of Eve,” loosely inspired by the biblical story of Eve, Ron Hicks delves into ancient architypes, exploring the emotions of betrayal, strength, loss of one’s homeland, fear, and love in a contemporary setting. He blends abstraction with realism—an honest evolution that may seem, if you know his work from past years, as a departure. It is not. This work represents years of thinking through the process of painting, moving from craftsman rendering what was in front of him to the sublime artist open and secure in his ability to take all he’s learned and allow his emotions to guide the way.