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I work with creative people who see life through a different lens. Their vision illuminates the world and everything shimmers just a little brighter when you’re around them.

Over the past three decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of artists and have witnessed both the joy and the frustration that comes with the artist’s life.

You want to be creating not filling out forms, changing your galleries, and dealing with marketing. But if you don’t pay attention to business…well, you know what happens.

Rose in Montepulciano

My work helps artists get back to their work. 

Love What You Do

My work as a curator and writer led me to where I am today, helping artists increase recognition and sales by analyzing the market, clarifying messaging, identifying obstacles, and finding transformative solutions.

In order to find transformative solutions, however, we have to reconnect you with your “Voice” and your “Why.”

This is what makes my approach to marketing unique and organic: everything is tailored to you, your work and your vision. 

Over the last 30 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with artists, museum curators, non-profits, editors, and designers. For my list of Clients & Projects, click on the CV button.

Rose brings love, knowledge, and organization to the subject of art and artists. She is simply the best at engaging artists in conversation.

Doug Erion

For the last 20-plus years, Rose and I have collaborated on everything from artists brochures, museum catalogues and retrospective books, to branding campaigns for national art shows. She always brings insightful thoughts and ideas to the table. With a sharp curator’s eye, prodigious writing skills, and excellent communication skills, she always turns out impactful works… Read more “”

Terry Rigg

As a contributing writer to Western Art & Architecture, Rose Fredrick brings a critical understanding of Western art history as well as knowledge of the issues facing contemporary Western art today. She’s always thoughtful and considerate in her approach to her subjects and is a consummate professional with a unique writing style and voice. A  joy to… Read more “”

Christine Rogel

Wow, thank you for such straight forward, no nonsense marketing wisdom from your Marketing for Artists class. You have a great ability to help artists drill down to find the personal nugget that is meaningful and resonant. I find myself continually re-assessing how I am presenting myself; is it authentic? am I honest? what is… Read more “”

Victoria Eubanks

I recently read a draft of a book Rose had written about a prominent artist. When I finished, I felt Rose had encapsulated this risk-taking, fun-loving, hard-working, and extremely talented man so well I wanted to ask him over for dinner. It strikes me that Rose Fredrick is a conductor, not of music, but of… Read more “”

Janet Daily
Maeve Eichelberger

I’ve worked with Rose now for six years as a participant in the Coors Western Art Show. As a contemporary western themed artist, Rose took a chance on me and my creative vision. She became a huge catalyst to my art career. Not only has she guided me through the world of collectors and galleries,… Read more “”

Maeve Eichelberger
David Grossmann in the studio

Rose has been a steadying force in helping me to navigate the challenging waters of the art world. She has been unwavering in finding ways to open doors in her many spheres of influence…doors to galleries that now represent my work, to important art shows and exhibit opportunities, to collaborative relationships with other artists, and… Read more “”

David Grossmann
Ron Hicks in the studio

Rose has over 25-years experience in all aspects of the art industry, so partnering with her and being able to benefit from her expertise is a total win. After a few meetings, we honed-in on the message I wanted to convey and what I wanted to achieve with my website, as well as how it… Read more “”

Ron Hicks

Clarity in the contemporary comprehension of the art world like no other I’ve met from beginning to end, blended with a mastery of business skills in the complexities and nuances needed to make it all a fabulous… Read more “”

Billyo O'Donnell

What a privilege it has been to work with Rose! Her wealth of knowledge, insight, honesty, and professionalism have made a huge difference in how I view myself as an artist. I so admire her generosity of spirit! That she takes time from her very busy schedule to be helpful to artists in varying stages… Read more “”

Nancee Jean Busse

I value and trust our relationship. It means a lot to me. After a long period of not painting, Rose encouraged my very fragmented starts and fledgling ideas, seeing in them possibilities even when I could not. I had been immobilized with grief–everything had changed. I had changed. My work was painful and in scraps.… Read more “”

Sophy Brown

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How I Got Here

I grew up painting, drawing, writing and illustrating my own stories, some of which won awards, and yet I somehow failed to see art as a career. I went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo for a degree in business.

Go figure…after college, I happened into a job in a beautiful Denver gallery. The owner, Carol Siple, taught me everything about the art business—hanging and lighting, how to talk to collectors, make wall tags, and write press releases—things I could have learned from anyone, honestly. Except there was this: Carol didn’t simply accumulate artists and display product; she shepherded a flock. There were times that I’d show up for work just before the gallery opened and find an artist in Carol’s office deep in conversation, as if communing with a priest.

Artists came to talk about family problems or deadlines, a poor review or financial stress. Carol, in her composed, gentle manner, would listen and ask questions to draw them out. Then she would offer whatever assistance or reassurance or advice they needed. By the time artists left, it was obvious their burden had been lifted. That was Carol’s art, and the greatest thing she taught me.

So, it all came together, my artistic bent and a business degree. I enjoy the challenge of solving problems that arise in the ever-changing art market and truly understand and love artists because, well, it’s part of my DNA.   

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