For Purple Mountains, Colorado: a Journey of the Senses, the photography of Barbara Sparks

For Purple Mountains Colorado a journey of the senses

Hardcover, cloth bound, 104 pages, 70 duo-tone plates
Written by Barbara Sparks, introduction by Governor John Hickenlooper and Peter Dea
Published September 2017

Price $45, to purchase this publication, please email

“My journey is a coalescence of land and light,” writes Barbara Sparks, in her opening essay for her final book in the trilogy of art publications. “I have walked hundreds of miles across this state and still I grapple with its enormity. The sky is big. The mountains and plains of Colorado host magnificent clouds. Intrinsic beauty and diversity is everywhere. More alpine plants exist in Colorado than in any other state. Rivers originating in Colorado flow into eighteen different states. In 1893, the scene from the top of Pikes Peak so stunned Katherine Lee Bates that she was inspired to write America the Beautiful.”

With an introduction by Gov. John Hickenlooper and geologist Peter Dea, this book reads as a photographic poem dedicated to the most geologically diverse state in the Union.

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