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At a certain point in an artist’s career, it becomes imperative to have a truly fine publication documenting his or her body of work, the journey, and the process.
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A detailed study of an artist's career

Monographs are unique fine art books–works of art in and of themselves–that show an artists oeuvre and include well-researched essays by luminaries in the art world. These publications are labor-intensive and come in relatively small print runs, which is why major publishing companies won’t take them on: the numbers just don’t make sense.

Despite the numbers, I believe creating books for artists—while the artist is alive and can set the record straight—is vital. It’s my passion and is why I have assembled an amazing team to work with me.

We publish elegant, large format books featuring poignant critical essays and interviews written by well-respected authorities in the art world. Each book is a finely crafted work of art, from the faithful color reproductions and classic design to the creamy-rich paper and solid hardcover binding. From start to finish, we lead you through the process, making it easy and enjoyable.

Our Publishing Model

We’re not a major publishing house. To create important books of this caliber, we use the tried-and-true investor-based model. There are many ways to tweak this concept to make it viable for each individual artist, but essentially, we work with you to create a limited edition fine art book package that can be pre-sold to collectors, galleries and patrons, the proceeds of which cover the expense of the publication.

Our Process

Vision: We take the time to listen and develop your vision for the perfect representation of you and your work. This vision will guide the entire process, as well as the look and feel of your book.

Time Commitment: You can expect your book to take a minimum of a year to complete. We will provide you with a schedule, that, if adhered to, will ensure smooth sailing through the process.

Edit: Based on the over-arching vision for your book, we will, together, select the best writer or writers to speak about you and your art. Also, if you choose to include a personal essay or interview, which we strongly recommend, we will work with you to make this as easy as possible. We know writing about your own career can be tedious, even torturous, but fear not. We are here to help.

Sally Maxwell Scratching the Surface

Design should never get in the way of your art. We prefer clean and contemporary layouts that let your work breathe on the page. You will have the final say in design, ensuring that it reflects your aesthetic.

Printing: We work with both foreign and domestic printers of quality, and send your book’s specs out for bid before making a final decision.

Promotion and Marketing: Baker Taylor will work to land your book in major retail outlets. My team will work to submits your title for appropriate awards. Please let us know if you have any museum or gallery openings with deadlines we need to meet. When it comes to marketing, we will discuss options with you, including online viral marketing.

Distribution: Baker Taylor has national and international representatives. Your book will be listed in their catalogue, Books in Print, and on their secure website. It will be included in appropriate ads, direct mail pieces, and displayed at appropriate exhibits and conferences. Baker Taylor can fill orders for books they sell worldwide. In addition to the fine work Baker Taylor does on your behalf, you are also free to sell books through your galleries, website and exhibitions. We will post your book on this site and created appropriate marketing to help promote and encourage sales of your book.

RFP Book Spines

Our Team

Book designer Terry Rigg has been working on corporate communications and identities, as well as children’s books, page-a-day calendars, and art and promotional catalogues, for the last 25 years. Some of the titles he has created are Ten Little DinosaursMax the MinnowMystery in Bugtown, andFriends of a Feather. He has created the art catalogues for the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale, and Masterpieces of Colorado Landscape. His most recent book was Elevated Perspectives: The Paintings of Joellyn Duesberry. His client list includes: Gambro; Caribbean BCT; National Western Stock Show; Nordstrom Credit; Kaiser Permanente; Western Development Group; Gart Properties – Denver Pavilions; and the Denver Art Museum.

Documenting the lives artists is a passion for editor and publisher Rose Fredrick. Since graduating from California Polytechnic University more than 20 years ago, she has worked with hundreds of artists in gallery, museums and art center settings as a curator and writer. She was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant to curate and write the catalogue for the traveling exhibition Masterpieces of Colorado, a Rich Legacy of Landscape Painting, 2006-2008, and has curated the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale since 1997. Fredrick’s writing has appeared in Southwest Art Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Ovation, Opera Colorado Magazine, Colorado Expressions, The Artist Magazine, Breckenridge Magazine, and ArtRevue.Copy editing and research can be a tedious job but seeing those frustrating typos after the book goes to press is enough to drive you wild.

Janet A. Daily is truly the best copy editor I’ve every worked with. Her dedication goes beyond commas and semicolons: she doesn’t rest until the text is clean and clearly written. Jan is a former French teacher and wife of an artist so she comes with an amazing bank of art knowledge and acumen. Beyond all that, she is a joy to work with.

To discuss the publication of a monograph or catalogue, please contact me.

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