Don Coen: The Migrant Series

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Exhibition catalogue for Don Coen exhibit, published in conjunction with the Phoenix Art Museum, written by Jerry Smith, with foreword by Jim Ballinger, and introduction to Don Coen and his work by Lewis Sharp.
Released: October 1, 2014
Softcover, 60 pages, featuring 15 reproductions of the Coen paintings in the exhibition, plus others needed to illustrate text.
Price: $19.99, through Phoenix Art Museum
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Don Coen on The Migrant Series:

“In 1992, while shooting slides in Northern Colorado, I happened upon a field of migrant workers sacking onions. The beauty and richness of the scene struck me immediately. My eye was drawn to the workers’ bandanas, back-lit in the morning light, and their colored flannel shirts worn with vivid yellow gloves. Since that morning I have spent many hundreds of hours over the last 13 years photographing and documenting America’s migrant workers in the fields of northern and southern Colorado, northern and southern California, Idaho,
Oregon, Texas and Florida. 

“In today’s America, no artist has ever made a poignant, comprehensive, and contemporary statement about this vital part of our society. For the average American, migrant workers are an invisible and transparent component of our world. While it may be true that some people casually glance from their cars as they pass laborers working in the fields, for virtually all of us they are a faceless, invisible, yet essential population of the United States. Being around the Mexican people since childhood, I have a soft spot in my heart for them, their work ethic and love of family.”

Praise for RFP, Inc.

“You not only did a fine job editing my essay but superbly managed the entire publication process.  The Coen catalogue speaks for itself, it is informative and beautiful.  Thank you, Rose." Dr. Lewis Sharp, director emeritus of the Denver Art Museum

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